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Car Key Replacement Services

The Key Guys Are Your Best Choice for Car Key Replacement Services in Minneapolis St Paul Region

But here are some articles about other Car Key Replacement Services elsewhere in the world.

In fact our first post is from England.

Most of us have done this at some time or other – lose or damage our car keys.

Mind you, we’re not alone. In fact, 26% of drivers manage to lose their car keys at some point! Of course, as anyone having done this will be painfully aware, losing or damaging your car keys can not only be very inconvenient. It can be extremely expensive. In one recent case, a driver from Wrexham faced a hefty bill of £3,000 for a new car key!

So just why are car keys so expensive these days? Well, there’s a lot more to modern car key than simply a bit of metal that resembles the shape of a key. There’s all the microelectronics inside the key fob with the incredibly complicated coding to ensure that your vehicle is secure, or as secure as it can be. And that just for starters. So, losing your car keys can be a really stressful experience. Via

Now the fellow from Wrexham is certainly an exception, he must have had a gold plated key. 🙂 but the awful truth is that car keys can be quite pricey these days, and there are some unscrupulous folks out there ripping people off as well.

As professionals we warn people to be careful of scam artists that unfortunately plague our industry. Some sites we have seen even suggest that Ford owners seek people specifically trained in how to handle Ford keys. We assure you that we can handle virtually any US or Foreign made car and their keys. But here is what this one article pointed out…

Before you settle for a provider of your car key replacement make sure they are well trained in their job with the required certification and qualification. Experience does make all the difference in case you need to retrieve the keys from the car itself.  In case the Ford uses a Tibbe key, there is no requirement of removing the lock, all that needs to be done, is use a decoder tool for reading the lock after unlocking the door and cut the new key there itself. After which a programming machine is plugged into the car which helps in programming the new key so that it is able to communicate effectively and gets your car moving. Via

At the other end of Interstate 35, in Texas you may find a similar automotive locksmith like the Key Guys although we do not know them directly. Their recent press release however seems to suggest that they offer very similar services to ours.

San Antonio Car Key Pros offer a 24/7 automotive locksmith service that is prepared for any situation, and their mobile locksmiths are devoted to your satisfaction. The average response time for arriving at your location is within 30 minutes, regardless of the weather or traffic conditions. Emergency automotive locksmith car key replacement is always done with laser cut precision that is sure to please. Their customers aren’t limited to the traditionally offered car key services either. San Antonio Car Key Pros also repair and replace transponder keys, FOB keys, and car ignition switches on all makes and models of vehicle.  Via

We like creating videos and we have discovered that many of out cohorts in other cities do as well. Here is an example from the Bronx, NY


Now we really do not specialize in helping people who lock their keys in their car. We will cut you new keys, make you spares, program your keys etc. Even fix car door locks and ignitions that have keys sticking in them. When we get calls to help people who lock themselves in, we help when we can or more likely make a referral to quality specialist who do this day in and day out like our friend Fast Eddy of Fast Eddys Keys Express who serves the Minneapolis area.  That said, we like the technique this next guy has for solving the problem and recommend that you learn how to do the same…

If only it were so easy.  Hope you enjoyed this post. A bit out of our ordinary. Maybe we will followup with more.  In the meanwhile, should you need car key replacement services call The Key Guys in Minneapolis or St Paul area at 612-333-7677


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