Saturday, March 4, 2017

How To Replace Car Keys in the Minneapolis St Paul Region

Here is How to Replace Car Keys in the Twin Cities

  • Go to the hardware store
  • Go to the auto parts store
  • Go to the corner service station
  • Go to the car dealer
  • Go to a lock smith
  • Have The Key Guys come to you.

Note that the last option may well be the most convenient. But it is more than that as we will discuss below. But first, lets expand on the convenience factor.

First, it is possible because The Key Guys have a fleet of highly specialized vans that cover the entire twin cities area. Why? because they are calling on service stations and car dealers throughout the area. Why? Because they do a lot of work for service stations and car dealers who do not have the specialized skilled staff on sight to replace car keys these days. Because they are out and about, they can and will come to you should you need emergency assistance due to broken car keys, lost car keys or car keys stuck in the ignition. The good news there is no additional charge for this emergency service.

Where to Get Car Keys Replaced.

In the good old days, you could easily get a car key duplicated at the corner hardware store, but not today, at least not for most modern keys requiring programming and or special tools and authorizations. Manufacturers have been working to reduce car thefts, and one of the main ways has been to incorporate programming into keys – and most hardware stores and auto parts stores just cannot get the job done.

And while The Key Guys are locksmiths, not all locksmiths can handle car keys.  Again, the specialized tools and know how are not common within the trade. The Key Guys are the original Car Key Specialists for the Minneapolis St Paul Metro area. We know what to do, how to do and do it at the best prices in town.We Replace Car Keys and More


Call The Key Guys

So the next time you need to replace car keys, call us The Key Guys 612-333-7677.



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