Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Fellow Locksmith Warns About “Internet Bought” Car Keys

Beware Cheap Car Keys Scams Online

We run into this all the time. People are trying to save a buck by buying car keys online. We understand that, but we are often called upon to make these car keys work, and too often, they won’t. In some cases, they can even do severe damage to your car costing in the thousands of dollars.

When we say this, people sometimes think we are just trying to make a buck off people as well. That hurts, as we are constantly doing our best to offer quality and honest service to our customers. But not everyone knows that.  So it helps to have one of the premier Minneapolis locksmiths take the time and say so on YouTube.

The guy’s name is Edward Mann, but we refer to him as Fast Eddy.  He can open locked doors faster than anyone I know.

For full disclosure, he often calls on us to handle his Car Key calls as he is in high demand.

Everything Eddy says above is true. We will sometimes refuse to work on some of these for fear they will destroy the customer’s electronics. As as that would cost them thousands, we just won’t take the risk.

If you need a spare set of car keys, call us. We will make sure you get a proper key that will do the job right. We are The Key Guys.  We serve the entire Minneapolis St Paul Metro area, and we will come to you to get the job done when and where it is convenient for you.  612-333-3773


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