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Car Key Locksmiths for Minneapolis St Paul Metro Area

Do You Need a Car Key Locksmith?

Most people don’t think about it this way, but when you buy a new car or a used one for that matter you get two things, the car and a set of keys.

For most of us, the keys are an after thought. Essential but neglected, until something goes wrong.

Today’s new car keys are a lot more than the metal blanks of yesterday. The keys or key fobs can include auto door opening, panic alarms, anti-theft features and more. And sometimes these added features also include some sticker shock, when you need to get a set of duplicate or replacement car keys cut.

Like your car itself, car keys will suffer wear and tear over the years. This most frequently occurs due to the constant twisting action they receive when you turn the key in the door locks and in the cars ignition. Not to mention when you use them as a screw driver, pry bar etc when you need something quick and only have your car keys in your pocket. (Yes, I am occasionally guilty of this, how about you?)

Due to the higher cost of keys these days, its become increasingly common for some dealers to offer only a single set of keys for the ignition and possible a second key for the trunk or doors. This practice leaves people vulnerable to key loss.

If you have ever locked your keys in the car, you can appreciate why we recommend that you carry a spare car key in your wallet or purse.

Broken Car Keys

Car keys can break. And when they do, you can find yourself in a tough spot. Particuladownload (2)rly if you do not have a spare key.  When this happens, there is not a lot of do it yourself options.  You will need to call the dealer and or a local car key locksmith to create a new car key for you.

The same is true if you drop your keys in the lake while fishing.  Or lose them on the beach while swimming or somehow discover that they fell out of your pockets while shopping at the mall.

If you are lucky they may turn up in the lost and found, eventually…or not at all if your luck is running out.

Car Key Batteries

Today’s car keys will have batteries in them to power their many features. These batteries can be readily replaced, but all too frequently when done the first time by people who do not know how, the wiring connections can get damaged. When that happens your key may become worthless or only partially functional.

As Professional Car Key Locksmiths, The Key Guys have seen it all. We know how to fix broken keys, and cut new ones for most every car make and model out there. We have specialized knowledge and skills to do the job right. we are certified, insured and bonded. We have industry relationships that allow us to recreate your keys based on your identification the Vin number on your vehicle.

We can also program your keys so they align with your car’s anti theft features.

One of our unique capabilities is our ability to come to you. We have a fleet of vans that service car dealerships and auto service stations and other auto related businesses throughout the Minneapolis St Paul Metro area. And while our primary business is serving these larger  repeat customers, we stand ready to assist the general public when they need our help on an emergency basis.

Low Cost Service

You may at first think it is more expensive to get us to come to you, but it’s not. In fact you will save money twice by calling The Key Guys. First you will not need to call a tow truck to pull your vehicle to the dealer or service station. Second you will save money on the key itself. If you go to the dealer they may well call us to do your key and then charge you a markup.

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