Saturday, June 18, 2016

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Car Key Replacement Is Just a Call Away in the Twin Cities Area

If you need your car keys replaced, it typically means you have lost your keys, or they were stolen. Either means you have been having a bad day. Sorry to hear that.

However, there is some relatively good news. Getting new keys cut will not be as expensive nor as big of a hassle as you may suspect.

Thankfully, the Minneapolis St Paul area is home to one of the best automotive locksmith services in the nation. The24-7 Key Guys, who are headquartered in Minneapolis have a small fleet of vans that serve the entire Twin City Metro area.

That’s good news because it means they can usually get to you fast, and that means you will not need to pay for a tow.  And since they will come to you, they can meet you at your work place, your home or wherever you find yourself stranded.

They offer 24/7 key replacement service 365 days a week.

Even more good news, they are professionals and honorable people. The unfortunate fact is that the Twin Cities have been plagued from time to time by unscrupulous operators advertising low fees on Google and elsewhere only to charge exorbitant fees on site.  Not so with The Key Guys.

In fact you will find that the prices they charge are less than what you would pay at your dealer.

There is a reason for that.  Many Twin City Car dealers call on the Key Guys to handle their car key replacement needs and then charge customers a markup.

Dealers cannot afford to keep a trained locksmith and the expensive coding and key cutting machines needed for today’s high tech keys.  Thus they call the pros at The Key Guys.

Below is a map that shows the range of The Keys Guys Service Area.

So the next time you need Replacement Car Keys, in the Twin City Metro area, be sure to call The Key Guys at 612-333-7677.

By the way, the best time to get replacement car keys is before you need them.  These days many people try to get by with a single set of keys due to the cost.  It’s a smarter idea to have a spare set made before you need them.

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