Tuesday, October 6, 2015

When you need a Commercial or Residential Locksmith in Minneapolis, we recommend Fast Eddys Keys Express

Our Recommendation for the Best Guy to call when you need a commercial or residential locksmith in Minneapolis is Eddy Mann, better known as Fast Eddy.

Fast Eddys Keys Express has been serving the Minneapolis area since 1985.

While we at The Key Guys specialize in Car Keys, eddy is an expert on ingress and egress hardware in both homes and businesses. He is one of the true Master Locksmiths in town.

Frankly, we learned a lot from him when we started out. Among which was a dedication to quality service and fair pricing.

We have also been learning from his marketing efforts. Not the least of which has been his effective use of the internet.

We have learned from him the need to build positive reviews, and the use of videos.

He has created quite a few of these, some of which he has recently added to a YouTube Playlist.


We have started doing our own series of videos that we have been adding to this blog and other resources. But for now, this post is in honor of our mentor and #1 Minneapolis Residential Commercial Locksmith.


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