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5 Hollywood Actresses & The Cars They Would Be

Jennifer Lawrence

In light of my recent “Actors as Cars” post, I decided to try comparing cars to famous actresses. The actors were easy for me but with the actresses on this list, I had to dig a little deeper as to who they were and what their personalities were like.

However, my love for cars helped bridge that gap.

Here are five of Hollywood’s leading women and the cars they might be. Feel free to leave your own suggestions below in the comments.

Reese Witherspoon: Jeep Wrangler 2-door 4×4

Reese Witherspoon

I think Witherspoon has seen a surge in her career. She has starred in a lot of different themed movies, from lighthearted comedies like Legally Blonde and Hot Pursuit to the Academy Award-nominated Wild. She has enjoyed resurgence into what started as an already strong career.

Younger than you might think at 39, the hard-working actress would be the tough Jeep Wrangler, specifically the go-anywhere two door version. The Wrangler has been around in some way or another for more than half a century, and has enjoyed its crowd of followers, much like Witherspoon’s movies.

And personality!

Julia Roberts: BMW w/ iDrive

Julia Roberts

Okay, so maybe I am comparing her to a car feature and not an actual car, but here is my defense: I have read articles describing how difficult Roberts is to work with when filming. Hard to believe? Even playing the “nice girl,” Roberts is not afraid to stand up for her strong will and has been viewed as “fussy.”

Ever tried to change the radio station or turn down the A/C in an iDrive equipped BMW? You understand the comparison I am making here …

Charlize Theron: Pontiac Grand Prix w/ color shifting paint

Charlize Theron

I understand this may be a stretch, but Theron and her career have taken some very unusual moves. I’ll be specific: She won the Oscar for her work in 2003’s Monster, for playing overweight, uneducated serial killer Aileen Wuornos.

Don’t remember this one?

I can tell you that I did not recognize Theron one bit. She transformed into another kind of person.

During the late 1990s, Pontiac began offering the Grand Prix in a rare purple and green, color shifting paint. From the factory. Yes, a regular family car was sold with a very rare paint job such as this.

Like the Grand Prix, Theron could change her appearance very drastically with just one movie. Talk about a daring—and gutsy—move at that.

Jennifer Lawrence: Volkswagen Jetta S (base)


I know these are getting increasingly weird as the list goes on.

The 25-year-old Lawrence reportedly still owns the same Volkswagen she bought several years ago. When not battling as Katniss, a few sources say she lives very frugally overall. This car may not represent her personality (as she is the youngest on this list) but a baseline Jetta surely fits her coupon-clipping, penny saving lifestyle.

Anna Kendrick: Ferrari 488 GTB

Anna Kendrick

Do you know what Ferrari is famous for other than racing? Other than losing to Ford in the 1960s? They are as famous for the sound of their engines as much as they are for racing pedigree. Remember in the 2000 remake of Gone in 60 Seconds where they start Ferraris up inside the warehouse and drive off?

Now watch a short clip of Kendrick singing from Pitch Perfect. She does not lip-sync. Case closed.

Her sound is as genuine as the Ferrari.

What do you think of this list? What actresses and cars would you choose?

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